Customer Experience

Businesses both large and small need to understand their customers so they can better serve them. We help perform the critical research you need to understand your market and your customers so you can make well-informed decisions on product strategy, pricing, and marketing.

Persona Development

Have you met Sue? What about David?

Customer personas are a basic building block of creating an effective marketing strategy. Personas are fake “people” who represent your core customers. They’re an easy shortcut to better understand whether the product or service you’re offering will be a success. We’ll help you create 3-5 personas including job titles, details, motivations, and more.

Our marketing personas allow you to answer the question “Would Sue buy this?”

Customer Journey Mapping

Journey mapping tells an end-to-end story of a customer’s experience with your business. We start by exploring how customers discover your business, and then map out in detail every contact and interaction they have throughout the entire customer experience.

By the end, you’ll have a great understanding of why customers are choosing your service, the details of their experience while they use it, and how they form long-term relationships with you. Once the journey map is finished, we can plot out strategic marketing interventions to improve customer experience and increase revenue.