Website Maintenance Services

Your business website is a critical piece of your marketing, and it needs regular maintenance in order to keep attracting customers. Whether it’s updating your blog or installing critical bug fixes, we take the hassle out of running a website with our monthly membership packages.

By subscribing to a monthly package (with no commitment!), you’ll always be on our priority customer list. Simply email us with your needs and we’ll snap into action. And behind the scenes, we’ll be making sure your website is safe, secure, and running 24/7.

Each package includes a monthly bank of time that you can use for design, development, writing, content posting, SEO services, and more. It’s so much more than hosting, and a great value for your business.



3 Hours of Professional Time

Premium Wordpress Hosting with

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Secure SSL/HTTPS Hosting

Monthly Traffic Reports

Nightly Backups

One-time SEO Mini-audit 



8 Hours of Professional Time

Lightening-fast CDN Site
Performance Monitoring

Secure SSL/HTTPS Hosting

Weekly & Monthly Traffic Reports

Nightly Backups


Monthly Comprehensive SEO Report 

Monthly Keyword Tracking and Analysis

Monthly SEO Competitor Tracking

Monthly Time Bank can be used for On-site SEO Adjustments




15 Hours of Professional Time

Lightening-fast CDN Site
Performance Monitoring

Secure SSL/HTTPS Hosting

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Traffic Reports

Nightly Backups to 2 Remote Locations


Weekly Comprehensive SEO Report 

 Weekly Keyword Tracking and Analysis

Weekly SEO Competitor Tracking

Monthly Time Bank can be used for On-site SEO Adjustments