Last month, we launched an exciting project we’ve been working on for a few months. Office Gallery is a leading provider of office furniture and design services in MA and RI. We were so pleased when we were chosen to redesign their website. Not only was there some great space for growth and creativity, but they’re also a joy to work with.


One of the ways we operate differently is our belief that your website (and all of your digital efforts) should produce a clear ROI for your business. Our design process really starts with talking about goals, and for Office Gallery we agreed on a few key outcomes:

  1. Highlight the breadth of projects Office Gallery works on and products they carry
  2. Raise search rankings and bring more likely customers to the site
  3. Make the website responsible for bringing in new business leads
  4. Give the brand a fresh new look to impress potential clients

Before and After

Together with our clients, we decided to put most of the emphasis on the products using big, bold photos. Outfitting an office with new furniture is a highly consultative business, so our focus was on impressing potential customers with great photos and asking them to inquire.


Old Office Gallery Homepage


New Office Gallery Homepage


Combined with our ongoing SEO services, the site has been performing great since it launched in late July. Office Gallery is receiving higher quality traffic online and more foot traffic to their showroom. That’s the exact outcome we strive for when we help businesses grow.

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