For many small business owners, the prospect of advertising online is equally scary and exciting. They understand intrinsically there are huge groups of potential customers to tap and they want great qualified leads, but at the same time they’ve heard horror stories of campaigns gone wrong from their colleagues.

Advertising on Google seems mysterious, but we’re here to help demystify it so you can grow your business. When can this have a positive ROI for you? Let’s take a look.

You see Google ads all over the internet, even when you don’t realize it. Google powers a lot of the ads you see on sites totally unconnected to Google itself. So even if you’re looking at your favorite fishing website or shopping at your favorite store, chances are good that there’s a Google ad somewhere on that webpage.

But what we’ll talk about today is the most common type – Search Ads. Why, when, and how should you consider search ads to boost your business?


  • Businesses who sell a distinct service that people can easily search for. Here are some good examples of businesses who can benefit:
    • Realtors
    • Dentists and Doctors
    • Insurance Agents
    • Theaters and traveling shows
  • With Google, you’re able to target your ads based on geography and demographics.
    • So let’s say I’m a dentist in Providence, RI. I only want potential patients in Providence searching for a new dentist to see my ads.
    • Ads can be targeted to only people who search for “dentist” in the Providence area, and more specific keywords like “Blue Cross dentist,” “pediatric dentist,” or other specific terms.
    • The result is that the only people seeing your ads are pre-qualified leads who are looking for your product within your service area. This can be a powerful tool and have a higher ROI than some traditional forms of advertising.
    • Increasing the ranking of your local business profile and enabling “click-to-call” can be especially effective in helping local businesses grow.


  • Did you know? Google provides the display advertising on millions of sites across the web. So even if your customers aren’t searching for something specific, we can get your brand in front of them.
  • For instance, we can get ads for your fashion line in front of fashionistas, whether they are browsing the NY Times or the hottest fashion blogs.

Nothing makes us sadder than when we see a poorly targeted ad for a business, because it means the business owner is losing money. We’re a certified Google Adwords Partner and offer free consultations for any business owners who are thinking about using digital marketing the grow their business.

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